image Do we waste food?


In the last few years, the waste reduction has become a main topic over the medias.

This time, I would like to bring to your attention our household food waste.

When we clean our kitchen, do we realise the impact of our household food waste to our planet?

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States, roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year – approximately 1.3 billion tons – gets lost or wasted. [1]

Could I please emphasized once again, “approximately 1.3 billion tons”? To put that in perspective, that is the same weight as about 120.8 million elephants, 36.2 18-wheelers, or 7.2 million blue whales.[2]

The amount of food lost or wasted every year is equivalent to more than half of the world’s annual cereals crop (2.3 billion tons in 2009/2010).[3]

Furthermore, even consumers in sub-Saharan Africa, south and south-eastern Asia, each throw away ONLY 6-11 kg a year per capita.

The countries with highest rate food wastage are North America and Oceania (including Australia).

Based on the data provided by the Department of the Environment and Energy, in 2013 it was estimated that food waste cost Australian households more than A$8 billion each year.[4]

Guess who are the biggest wasters of food? Young consumers (aged between 24 to 24), households with incomes of more than $100,000 per annum and families with children.

The environment impacts of the food waste are quite extreme. When food rots with other organics in a landfill, it produces a gas called “methane” which is 25 times more potent than the carbon pollution generated by a car exhaust.

To close all these worrying facts, let’s learn together to manage our food consumption better which is not only good for our wallet, but it is also good for the planet we live in.

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[1] Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

[2] Business Insider, Mar 10, 2016 – These countries are the biggest food wasters around the world.

[3] Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

[4] Department of Environment and Energy – Working together to reduce food waste in Australia

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